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Program Questions

What is an Animal Talk Program?

An Animal Talk program is a formal presentation that lets you get an in depth look at some of our animals. It is best for classes or groups who will be present for the entire duration of the program.

What is a Table Program?

A table program is an informal, interactive presentation that lets you see our animals up close and ask questions. These programs are best for open events in which visitors can come and go as they please.

Can my program be held outdoors?

Programs can be outdoors as long as the weather is ideal for the safety of the animals. The outdoor temperatures must be between 70 and 90 degrees, with no rain or storms. It also cannot be very windy outside. 

Can animals come out in the cold for an indoor program?

It must be at least 40 degrees outside in order for the animals to come to an indoors in-person program.

Why are in-person traveling programs not available in the winter?

For the safety of our animals, we cannot travel with the animals from December-February. All of our animals are "cold-blooded" and do not do well being exposed to the cold weather. For their safety, we cannot bring our animals out if it is snowing or too cold. The safety of our animals is always a priority. 

Will you travel to my location?

We will travel to any location within 2 hours or 100 miles from Agawam, MA.

How does the travel fee work?

The first 20 miles that we travel are free, and each additional mile is $2/mile, and this is only calculated 1 way. (Ex: a program that is 50 miles from Agawam, MA would have a travel fee of $60).

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